23 April 2022

Youth movement meetings start - Connect Now!

Youth movement meetings start - Connect Now!

Regular Youth Movement meetings of CSI Parish (Malayalam) Dubai started again after the pandemic. The first meeting was titled "Connect Now" and was held on 23rd April at the Holy Trinity Church from 6.30 pm onwards.

The meeting was led by Philip Chacko Jacob and the theme "Connect to Christ" based on John 15:5, was presented by Nisha Susan Philip.

“Things will never be the same..... When can we resume our church and go back to have a normal service ? .... a common question many of us had asked. And after the 2 years of the pandemic we the Youth are back in action...." echoed the members of the Youth Movement with much joy and excitement.

Welcoming all the youths as well as the youth in heart to join the Youth meetings which occur every alternative Saturday. Stay tuned for more updates and events.

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