07 August 2022

Lambeth Conference 2022 ends with a call to go out as "God’s church for God’s world"

Lambeth Conference 2022 ends with a call to go out as "God’s church for God’s world"

The fifteenth Lambeth Conference, convened by Most Revd Justin Welby, The Archbishop of Canterbury, was held from 27th July 2022 and concluded on 7th August 2022, with a special worship service at the Canterbury Cathedral. During the service, the Archbishop preached, urging those present to be courageous, ‘for it is the Father’s good pleasure to give you his kingdom’ (Luke 12:32).

Around 650 Bishops of the Anglican Communion from around the globe gathered for worship, prayer and discussion on key issues impacting the world. Bishops from the Church of South India (CSI) including the Dioceses in Kerala, also attended this event held in Canterbury and Kent. With the main Conference theme of ‘God’s Church for God’s World’, the Bishops discussed on various themes viz.  Mission and Evangelism, Reconciliation, Safe Church, Environment and Sustainable Development, Christian Unity, Inter-faith Relations, Anglican Identity, Human Dignity and Discipleship with Bible Expositions on 1 Peter.The event also included a visit to the Lambeth Palace in London as part of a day set aside to focus on the environment, where the Bishops pledged their support for the Communion Forest, and participated in planting a tree at the Lambeth Palace Garden.

The Lambeth Conference, usually held every 10 years since 1867, has always been a significant event, in the life of the Anglican Communion and the wider church. Through each conference, bishops of the Anglican Communion have discussed topics related to the Church as well as Global issues (viz. Climate change, Poverty, Gender injustice etc.) and what role the church could play in working for hope in the future. 

The Anglican Communion is one of the world’s largest Christian denominations based in 165 countries and representing tens of millions of Christians, with a network of independent and interdependent churches in communion – or a reciprocal relationship -  with the See of Canterbury.  The Anglican Communion can have a significant influence in responding to world issues, with their vast presence. 

In his final Keynote Address at the Lambeth Conference, Archbishop Justin Welby said, "God’s love is seen in this world through a countless multitude of people of every race and nation, a great multitude that is ‘a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s own people, who declare the wonderful works of the God who has called us out of darkness into his marvellous light’. It is a multitude of those who have received mercy. The Anglican Communion is one part of that multitude.....argumentative....diverse....God’s holy people....Let us go out together in obedience – sent out, as God’s church for God’s world."   

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