17 September 2023

Choir Sunday Worship Service 2023

Choir Sunday Worship Service 2023

Sunday, 17th September, was observed as Choir Sunday, with members of the Church Choir leading various parts of the Worship Service. The theme for the day was "Proclamation : Through songs, through life"

The sermon was delivered by our Church choir member Mr. Suresh K. Ninan based on Psalm 34:1 "I will extol the Lord at all times; his praise will always be on my lips." In his sermon, he mentioned that it is very important to come to the Church for worship, being well prepared, especially when we partake of the Lord's table. Only by being prepared, our worship will become meaningful, else will end up being a mere weekly ritual. 

The choir rendered a special song "God's choir in the sky" written and composed by Ray Overholt (author of “Ten Thousand Angels,” who was inspired by his own composition to accept Christ as his Savior and led countless others to the cross.) The song describes the beauty of the sky and stars like a mighty piece of music, with God as composer, and the angels singing "Glory hallelujah, Praise the name of Jesus!, telling the story of How Jesus came to earth to die, for redeeming mankind"

Rev. Raju Jacob, our Vicar, led the Holy Communion Service.

Photo gallery : www.csidubai.com/gallery/48/choir-sunday-service-2023

Special song video : https://youtu.be/zcKEz2V3Ves

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