The platform may be virtual, but our worship is real, and God is real. The responsibility of the (Zoom) Host is equally significant as a Worship leader in ensuring that the worship services are conducted smoothly.
Rev. Viji Varghese Eapen Presbyter CSI

Ever since the onset of the pandemic, we have experienced how our homes became churches connected through digital technology. CSI Parish Dubai is committed to exploring various technological resources available to ensure Friday Worship and various ministries including Sunday School is never interrupted even in the absence of opportunities for our members to meet physically at Church. The online Worship services saw worshippers attending in large numbers especially those who were sick and stranded and otherwise wouldn’t have been able to travel to a local church to attend a worship service.

With the realisation of the great potential offered by technology, CSI Parish Dubai would strive to improve usage of digital resources to improve the functioning of all facets of the Church and help other churches through knowledge sharing. Our Parish uses several Apps as part of Church Management and for Livestreaming of our activities, a gist of which is made available on this page. We as a Church glorify God through all the Technology medium, he has given us.

Ha Manahel

This has proven to be a great tool as an integrated low-cost Church Management System which helps us in various functions, main areas are :

  • Memberships Database Management
  • Website and Mobile App Parish Directory
  • Organisation Directories for various ministries (viz. Sunday School and Choir)
  • Church Events Scheduling and Registrations
  • Voters List and Dues List generation
  • Integration with other ERP Accounting systems

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Bible Show

A free Bible software solution for presenting Holy Scripture verses on any video display device, especially during Church Convention and other Special services. This is a great tool to keep worshippers engaged with the word of God and for taking note of Bible references during sermons. Main features which have been helpful for us are :

  • Bible in different languages (including English and Malayalam)
  • Various versions of the Bible (viz. NIV, KJV, MOV etc)
  • The background of the screen can be adjusted to display themes and graphics as per the Almanac of the Church.

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Droid Cam

For Livestreaming of Friday worship services and other church Events, this is an App which we use by installing in multiple Mobile Phones and then linking them as “webcams” to OBS through Wi-Fi. To get the watermark free version of Droid Cam App, we have to purchase the licence for a small fee. However, this has helped us save the cost of expensive cameras. Source :


Various activities of our Church including Friday Worship services, Sunday School Anniversary and Christmas Carols are Livestreamed and OBS has been helping with real time video/audio capturing and mixing.

This is a free software and supports us for below requirements :

  • Streaming to Social Media (YouTube and Facebook)
  • Displaying Liturgy in sequence over the Worship Video
  • Connect speakers and worship leaders from multiple locations
  • Integration with Zoom
  • Switching screens and presentations from different inputs or as a Playlist

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ATEM Miniswitch

ATEM Mini switchers make it easy to create professional multi camera productions for live streaming to YouTube and innovative business presentations using Skype or Zoom. This has been an effective tool for livestreaming of our Friday Worship Services, Christmas Carols and Sunday school Anniversary programs. Source :

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