12 November 2023

Unity Sunday Worship Service 2023

Unity Sunday Worship Service 2023

The Unity Sunday worship service of the Trinity Marthoma Church, Dubai,  the CSI Parish (Malayalam) Dubai and CSI Dubai SKD was conducted jointly this year in the CSI order on 12th November.

Br. Sheril Jose delivered the sermon*. In his sermon, he spoke about the theme "treasure in clay jars" (2 Cor 4:7). The spirit of God is challenging us by giving us a new ministry. We are the ministers of the New Testament equipped by the spirit of the God. This is testified by the fact that we are here together on this Sunday to worship in unity. Deliverance comes from the mercy of the Lord and not from the law (Micah 1). Jesus did great things for us, so we should be willing to reciprocate, as shown by the life of St. Paul accepting the sovereignity of the master and the servitude of the messenger. The treasure in clay jars is given to us to be emissaries of the gospel. The entry of the gospel brings transformation from an intellectual person to a spiritual being (fanatic to a pious person). God's word is not only legislative, but executive. The spoken word of God ensures that the mission is accomplished (Genesis 1:3). Satan goes after the mind, but God goes after the heart. The content of our life is holiness (1 Thess. 4:4). As a united church, let us stand for the uniqueness which is holiness, as we serve a holy God. Let us be privileged to communicate the treasure given to us, being chosen people, royal priesthood, holy nation and God's special possession declaring the praises of Him who called us out of darkness into his wonderful light (1 Peter 2:9).   

Rev. Linu George (Vicar, Trinity Marthoma Church) and  Rev. Bright Mohan (Vicar, CSI Dubai-SKD) joined our vicar Rev. Raju Jacob in leading the Holy Communion service. 

Libini Eason George, Vice President, CSI Parish (Malayalam) Dubai delivered the vote of thanks. 

The members of the various parishes had fellowship and lunch together, after the worship service.

The sermon audio* is available here: https://csidubai.com/sermons

Highlights of the Worship service is available in the Photo Gallery : https://csidubai.com/gallery/50/unity-sunday-worship-service

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