05 November 2023

Sunday School Sunday

Sunday School Sunday

Sunday, 5th November, was observed as Sunday School Sunday, with our Sunday School students and teachers leading the Worship Service.

Master. Deon Juby Mathew, our Sunday School student, delivered the sermon* based on the topic "Examine yourselves" (2 Cor. 13:5). In his message, Deon mentioned that we need to examine ourselves, be mindful of our reactions and strive to be positive and kind to others as the world often mirrors our behaviours and attitudes back at us. Examining ourselves is not just about looking at our external achievements or comparing our successes with our friends or colleagues, but also delving into the inner depths of our souls. It encourages us to question our values and purpose and what truly brings us happiness and fulfilment. St. Paul, in his letter to the Corinthians encourages them to reflect and test whether they are genuinely aligned to the teachings of Christ. As per D. L. Moody, there are three types of faith, viz. struggling faith, clinging faith and testing faith which we can attribute to our lives. It truly matters to examine ourselves and focus on our walk with God. As individuals, we need to test our faith, examine ourselves and turn to God.     

Rev. Raju Jacob, our Vicar, led the Holy Communion Service. 

The Sunday School children sang two special songs viz. Ho-Ho-Hosanna and I depend on you.

*The complete sermon and special songs can be watched here : https://youtu.be/TXxbgr6JIWI?si=f5HPwn3XxMjxLYYk

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