08 October 2022

CSI UAE Youth Kalamela 2022 (യുവജനോത്സവം)

CSI UAE Youth Kalamela 2022 (യുവജനോത്സവം)

The CSI UAE Youth Kalamela (യുവജനോത്സവം) for the year 2022 was hosted by the CSI Parish (Malayalam) Dubai and was conducted at the Holy Trinity Church Complex in Dubai on Saturday, 8th October 2022. Around 250 Youth members from Abu Dhabi, Jebel Ali, Sharjah and Dubai parishes attended the event.

Inaugurating the event, Rev. Shaji Jacob Thomas (President, UAE Youth Committee) mentioned that we are called to glorify God with our good deeds as a shining light before others (Matt: 5.16). "Events like the UAE Youth Kalamela are meant to develop the skills and talents of young people, while being a platform for various parishes to come together, to nurture friendship and inculcate a spirit of unity of churches and sportsmanspirit" Achen reminded. 

The Sharjah CSI Parish bagged the highest number of points, followed by the Dubai and Abu Dhabi parishes in the second and third positions respectively, aggregated from prizes won in individual and group events viz. Singing, Extempore, Monoact, Skit, Quartet, Instrumental Music and Group Song.

Rev. Charles Mathew Jeril (Vicar, Jebel Ali), Rev. Binoy M. Tharian (Vicar, Sharjah) and Rev. Lalji M. Philip (Vicar, Abu Dhabi) were also present on the occasion besides Rev. Shaji Jacob Thomas (Vicar, Dubai).

The event was a time of camraderie and blessing for the youth of our Church, and was successful due to the exemplary efforts of the Youth Movement Committee with Ms. Freda Sann Libini as the convenor and the active participation of all the organisations of the Dubai Parish. It is a proud moment for our Church and we are grateful to God, for helping us to host the event in such a great manner.

Highlights of the day can be viewed here : https://www.csidubai.com/gallery/31/uae-csi-youth-kalamela-2022-dubai

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