29 January 2023

Choir Family Get Together

Choir Family Get Together

By the grace of God, a wonderful and blessed Choir family get together was held at the Fujairah CSI Church compound on Sunday, 29th January, experiencing a cool weather and campfire ambience at the foot of the Fujairah mountains. 

The Choir Get together started with all joining in singing Hymn 20 "Ellaarum Yeshu Naamathe" and the opening prayer by Rev. Shaji Jacob Thomas. Jacob Mani gave the Welcome Speech. 

Rev. Shaji Jacob Thomas shared from his musical experience spanning different countries and played Mouth Organ and Guitar accompanying the various programs during the evening. Achen stole the show playing the Guitar and singing a special number "One day I suffered in my life ...." (composed by the renowned Gospel singer Late J. V. Peter). Libini Eason Mathew proved his extraordinary talent of conducting the show by keeping the crowd alive with humorous stories and witty questions. The singing team led by Shaji Achen, Sunish K. Simon and Ken Mani Jacob on Guitar, Sangeeth Koshy on Organ and Deon Juby Mathew, Ben Jacob Mathew, Dayne Varghese Albin and Reuben Thomas as vocals did a wonderful job. Juby Abraham, our Choir Master made the evening even more interesting with his Quiz program based on Christian Music.

Fr. Sajo P. Mathew, Vicar, St. Peter's Jacobite Syrian Church, Fujairah in his Felicitation speech, recollected the first choir mentioned in the Bible organized by the Levites for the Temple service and the choirs singing at the offering of public sacrifices (2 Chronicles 29:27). He reminded that the Choir is an integral part of the worship and each choir member should be channels of God's Holy spirit amidst the worship services. Aji M. Kuruvilla shared from his rich experience as a Chorister emphasizing how his life was blessed, and how each Chorister can be blessed and be a blessing for others.  Aby John (Church Secretary) in his message, commented on the exceptional service done by our Choir, in spite of their busy schedules, to enrich our Worship.

Various songs sung included Duet (Shudha Shudha Kartha Deva) by Thomas Cherian and Shiny Bibu, Family Song (Maanasame Sreeyeshuve)-Jacob Mani & Family, Family Song (Great is Thy faithfulness) Pratish Alex Pothen & Family, Group Song (Snehathin Idayanaameshuve) by Rev. Shaji Jacob Thomas & Team, Solo (Lord I come, I confess) by Deon Juby Mathew, Group Song (Ennaathma kashttaaringalilellaam) led by Thomas Cherian & Team and a Trio (I come to the garden alone) by Juby Abraham & Family. The Choreography (Thankyou Lord) by Oveith Varghese Albin and Team, with lanterns held in their hands, was a visual treat. The final Medley by Anil Idicula Mathew and Team was a time of praising God for the whole gathering.

Anil Idicula Mathew (Choir Secretary) delivered the Vote of Thanks. Jeeboy Cherian Koshy led the closing prayer followed by the benediction by Rev. Shaji Jacob Thomas.

There were around 150 participants including our Fujairah Church members. Anil Idicula Mathew, our Choir secretary with a team, really worked so hard to make it so wonderful, getting involved right from the inception of this idea of get together and carefully planned each and every detail in precision. 
Highlights of the day are available in the Photo Gallery :  https://www.csidubai.com/gallery/41/choir-family-get-together-2023

Video Play list of various programs can be accessed here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ueU7f5XO-DM&list=PLfKHV4UllEbBbg9w8rcgcvRHn6ZbXn9-d&index=10

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