2nd SUNDAY of APRIL (14/04/2024) 2nd Sunday after  Easter
Theme Identifying Risen Lord in the Work Place
1st Lesson (O.T.) Ruth 2: 1- 18
Psalm 15
2nd Lesson (Epistle) Acts 9: 36- 43
3rd Lesson (Gospel) John 21: 1- 14
  Song#  Song Title (First line) Stanzas
Opening Hymn L-204 “Vannidenam Yeshu naadhaa” 1,2 & 6
Hymn before Sermon H-129 "Karthru naalaakum shaabatha" 1 & 5
Hymn before Int. Prayer E-3 “There is a green hill far away…” 1,2 & 5
Offertory Lyric (Before Holy Communion) L-419 "Praarthana kelkkename'"  All 7
Closing Hymn DOX-6 "Ennekkum mahathvam" 1
Birthday, Wedding Anniversary & Thanksgiving Hymn H-450 "Nin krupa sarvam Dhaivame' …." 1
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