4TH SUNDAY of SEPTEMBER (25/09/2022)

16th Sunday after Pentecost (CHOIR SUNDAY)

Theme : Music of the Redeemed of the Lord: Proclamation of Witness 
Scripture reading
1st Lesson (O.T.) Exodus 15:1-13
Psalm 107:1-16
2nd Lesson (Epistle) Revelation 14:1-5
3rd Lesson (Gospel) Luke 1:68-79
  Song# Song Title (First Line) Stanzas
Vestry Hymn H-363 “Priya pithru mumpil” (Kristhuvin snehathil) 2nd
Opening Hymn H-26 "Enne' veenda rakshakante' ..” 1,2,3 & 7     
Hymn before Sermon H-404 "Krobim sraphim vaazhchakale'" 1,2 & 4
Hymn before Intercessory prayer   Special song by Church Choir ("Make me a blessing")        
Offertory Lyric (Before Holy Communion) L-412 “En Yeshu en sangheetham” All 5
Closing Hymn H-235 "Yeshu en swantham, hallelujah…"  All 5
Birthday, Wedding Anniversary & Thanksgiving Hymn         H-450 "Nin krupa sarvam Dhaivame' …." 1,2 & 4
Hymn during Holy Communion H-456 "Yeshu cherkkum paapiye"  All 4
  H-196 "Yeshu Naadhaa Nin mukham…." All 9
csi parish fujairah

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